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Uprooting Prejudice: Conversations for Change

The Uprooting Prejudice exhibit being curated by the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida will focus on the hope-filled activism of Daryl Davis. As a legendary blues musician, he devoted his life not only to the power of music, but also to the power of peacebuilding via courageous and thoughtful dialogue.

Over the course of many years, Daryl bravely befriended members of the Ku Klux Klan. His persistent and deep conversations with white supremacists led to over 200 individuals leaving the white nationalist movement — with many of them giving their robes to Daryl. His amazing story of heroism will be displayed for the first time in our Museum. This exhibit will show the history and cultures of racial injustice in this country, with specific attention to the Klan, Neo-Nazi and other white supremacist groups. It will also showcase the power we have as a community to become activists and to create cultures of equity, respect and compassion.

The exhibit will highlight words, symbols and tools of hate and more importantly, impactful stories that provide examples of how change can happen. The goal is to inspire visitors to have the courage to bring about change. The ending theme encourages the planting of new seeds and poses the question: “What new seed will you plant?”

To learn more about the Uprooting Prejudice exhibit, click here.

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